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Planning a wedding in Massachusetts or New Hampshire? Access Tent wants to help you create the wedding of your dreams! 

Customize Your Tent for Your Event

We recognize that each wedding is different. You probably have a vision of exactly what you want, including a theme, décor, colors, and layout, and Access Tent will make all of that come true. When you contact us, you’ll work closely with our consultants to ensure you have the perfect tent size and design for your unique wedding.

Do you want a simple covering overhead with open sides so that your outdoor venue isn’t blocked? We have tents for that. Would you prefer a sturdy tent with walls that protect you from the elements and windows that allow for stunning views? We can provide. Or perhaps you want a durable tent with lacy curtains all around the sides for a personalized décor statement. Whatever you want, we can provide.

Our team can also help you choose the accessories that will best fit your wedding. From chairs to tables to linens to lights, we’ll ensure that your dream wedding is brought into reality.

Scroll down to see our gallery of different weddings so that you can start building inspiration for your own wedding tent rental.

Trust Our Experienced Team

Access Tent was founded in 1989, and although management has changed recently, our new owners are committed to running the best tent rental service in Boston, MA. We pride ourselves on our high-quality equipment and materials, from functional tents for business events to extravagant tents for weddings.

Contact us today at 1-800-244-8368 to get a quote for your event.

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