Tables & Chairs

Chairs come in several styles and tables are available in a variety of sizes for all your rental needs. We offer rentals for events of all shapes and sizes, and so we offer tables in all shapes and sizes!  We will work with you to determine your needs, taking a number of factors into consideration: the number of guests, traffic flow of your event, and what they will be used for. We can provide several options for indoor and outdoor events.  We carry a range of designs including elegant banquet chairs and folding chairs for large events such as weddings or graduations.

Dance Floors

We have the ability to build custom dance floors in a wide range of sizes. Our dance floors are portable and can be used for your indoor or outdoor parties. Whether installed over grass, under a tent or over the carpet, it creates a dance surface. Entire tents can be floored with dance floor to eliminate soft ground areas that allow ladies’ heels to sink in.


Your linen search begins and ends with us. Whether you use us for your other party needs or not we can provide you with top quality linens. We offer a tremendous selection of linen colors, materials, and sizes.  All our linens are professionally cleaned after each delivery – used or not!

All Natural Insect Spray

In addition to our unique party offerings, we are also now offering all natural professional insect spraying before your event. We use all natural misting agents that is safe for humans, pets and landscaping.

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